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Good Karma Trekking P. Ltd.

Trekking Agencies' Association Of Nepal


Good Karma trekking would like to invite you to experience the unique culture and scenery of Nepal. As a trusted government certified tour operator we offer an experienced and educated staff motivated to meet your unique travel needs while incorporating local guidance to provide an authentic adventure in Nepal. We offer a wide range of services including trekking, expeditions, cultural programs, jungle safaris, white water rafting and more while seeking to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our experienced and friendly staff takes pride in providing packages to fit each customer’s needs while taking the stress out of travel leaving you unburdened to discover everything Nepal has to offer. Good Karma welcomes you to Nepal with top service from the top of the world…

Our Vision & Mission
To create experiences as unique as our customers while focusing on people not profits

Apart from trekking  our services:

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Business and personal ethics of Good Karma Trekking Company 
Client Safety, Our #1 priority:
At Good Karma trekking, we take customer safety seriously by ensuring that all our guides and group leaders have completed the wilderness first aid medical course and have the experience needed to handle any potential issues that may arise. Rest assured that our professional staff will take all medical and safety precautions, as we make it a point of emphasis to provide safety and comfort for all of our guests.

Clothing and Staff Welfare:
During all treks, Good Karma provides all the necessary protective equipment for our guides to ensure they are comfortable. This may include Gore-Tex coats, trousers, fleece jackets, pants, gloves, hats, socks and blankets along with trekking shoes and all the necessary climbing equipment to ensure the porters are well treated. It is our belief that happy well-treated guides and porters create a better atmosphere for our guests to enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Unlike many companies, the welfare of our staff is crucial to good karma. We that the guides, Sherpa’s, cooks and porters are provided with a fair wage, proper equipment and support from the good karma family. Each member is viewed as a crucial part of our team and is treated with international standards to ensure proper treatment.

Meals and Accommodation:
Good Karma ensures that nutritious, tasty and satisfying meals are provided at each stop along your trek. Meals will be provided by reputable teahouses providing quality hygienic food while catering to any allergies or food intolerances you may have. All food will meet safety standards and be safely and hygienically prepared. Trekking accommodation will be in local mountain village teahouses during the trek while offering hotels or bed and breakfasts in larger cities.

Physical Preparation:
Physical fitness is crucial during the trek. We ensure that all guests can move at their own pace to fully enjoy the scenery and views of your surroundings. We stress that each hike isn’t a race or a competition but is meant to be enjoyed at your own pace to ensure you have enough energy to enjoy the entire trip and any additional activities.

The Trek
The day is designed to make the hike both challenging and enjoyable for all guests. Early morning tea followed by packing and breakfast starts the day followed by the morning walk. During the walk, our guides will point out local flora, fauna and other items of interest as a general comradely builds amongst the group. After a few hours of hiking, we will stop for lunch around noon and take a break for relaxing, reading, exploration or some games. After another hike, we will arrive at our destination around 4 PM after completing a shorter walk. This provides time to unwind, bond with your travel companions or engages in additional activities if desired and reflection on the day as you enjoy the sunset from each unique vantage point offered by different mountain towns. Dinner is normally served around 7:30 and guests are free to enjoy the evenings as they please.

Trekking guides and staff:
Good Karma as a professional and reputable company seeks to employ only the most competent and experienced group leaders and guides for our clients. Each guide is knowledgeable about Nepal, but also the environment, scenery, points of interest and the best vantage points to ensure maximal enjoyment of your trip. Each guide has undergone extensive trek leader and guide courses including first aid, mountaineering, eco-trekking training and more to ensure that they are well versed in all aspects of trekking, climbing, nature, safety, and conservation. Our guides are highly dedicated to proving you with the best experienced possible and providing the authentic local knowledge to enhance your experience

Environmental Aspects:
Protecting the delicate natural environment of Nepal is crucial for all travelers. Environmental preservation is crucial to the sustainability of the Himalayas and we ask that guests” take only photos and leave only footprints” during their trips. We provide accommodation only in responsible teahouses using responsible energy while ensuring proper disposal of all non-biodegradable substances.

Value for your money:
Good Karma seeks to minimize unnecessary overhead expenses to ensure that our customers are getting the best value for their money. Our mission is to exceed all your expectations with no hidden fees or extra costs along the way. We provide high-quality equipment, service, and hospitality at competitive prices to ensure you get the most for your money.

Social Responsibility:
Although we are primarily a trekking and travel company, we value our culture and aim to further the development of Nepalese people and education. We ensure that all trekkers respect the beautify scenery and culture of Nepal to ensure its proper preservation while seeking to aid less fortunate and assist education development in a poverty-stricken rural area.

Professional and caring staff:
Our experienced staff provides a safe and rewarding experience for each guest blending their experienced recommendations with the plans and needs or all of our clients. We will go the extra mile to ensure that all the customers’ wishes and desires are met in a professional manner and take pride in treating you as a guest with warm Nepalese hospitality. We provide only the most caring staff to ensure everyone feels part of the Good Karma family and connects with the Nepalese way of life.

How to book the trip?
As a standard booking procedure, we require a 30% deposit for the trek to ensure that all paperwork, flights, trekking permits, and accommodations are done prior to your arrival in Nepal. The balance of the payment can be paid upon arrival to Kathmandu by US$, Euro, British Pounds or traveler’s checks. Credit Card payment is accepted but is subject to a 4% Nepalese banking transaction fee. General inquiries can be made on our homepage. Upon booking, we request the following information to secure flights, accommodation, and trekking permits. Full Name: Gender: Nationality: Passport Number: Insurance Details: Telephone Number:etc.

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