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Gokarna News is the Nepali online news portal of gokarneshwar metropolitan, which publishes latest news from Nepal and gokarneshwar online news, gokarna news is the first news site for news from Nepal. Gokarna news is named after the holiest place called Gokarna Mahadev temple which is located in the gokarneshwar metropolitan just 20 minutes walk from the gokarna forest resort or next to gokarna park. Gokarna news is same Nepali news portal as online khabar since all taja news of Nepal is also published on nepali samachar portal. Offical Facebook Page of Gokarna news  . Gokarna news covers all the taja Samachar, breaking news from Kathmandu, latest news of Nepal. Gokarna news is also known as online news or online Khabar of Gokarna of gokarneshwor metropolitan city.